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What is Adobe Reader Extensions?
The Free Adobe Reader is exactly what is says, a 'reader'. If you open an eForm in the Adobe Reader it will tell you that 'You cannot save any data your enter into this form...." and if you try to save it you only save the original, blank, copy of the form.

Adobe LiveCycle® Reader Extensions software embeds a license key in a PDF file or eForm which activates functionality within Adobe Reader (version 7 and above) enabling end users to fill in, annotate, sign, save,and submit PDF documents and forms - online or offline.

Once the Reader Extension rights are added PDF eForm users can:

  • Save a copy of a fully or partially completed eForm to their local hard drive.
  • Interact with eForms offline, while retaining their data and comments for submittal when they reconnect.
  • Add attachments to forms; scanned documents, office files, photos, video clips, sound files, etc.
  • Sign, certify, and authenticate documents before returning them.
  • Work with intuitive tools for review and commenting.
  • Connect to web service and database to merge or submit data.
  • Submit whole documents and forms online or via e-mail


An alternative to Reader Extensions is xDox xForm Server which enables PDF forms to be submitted, saved and their data extracted - without needing Reader Extensions.

Click here for more information on xFormServer


Benefits of Adobe Reader Extensions:
LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES works with existing IT assets to create an automated environment for capturing information and feedback vital to helping your organization cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, speed time to market, and extend the value of your investment in enterprise applications.

  • Extend business processes to internal and external parties
    The ubiquity and flexibility of Adobe Reader extends the reach of your processes beyond the enterprise, while LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES enables special functionality that empowers respondents to be an active part of your key business processes, online and offline.

  • Improve collaboration
    Internal and external parties can view, fill in, comment on, save, and return documents and forms electronically — without requiring additional costly software.

  • Reduce costs
    Eliminating paper-based processes cuts the time and expense your organization spends printing, distributing, processing, and archiving paper-based documents by moving them online.

  • Achieve more secure data capture and delivery
    Respondents can authenticate and sign their documents before returning them, thus increasing their confidence and satisfaction while preserving sensitive information.

  • Enable fast and easy form completion
    End users can complete and sign a form online or offline and save a copy locally for their own records.

  • Enhance responsiveness and satisfaction
    Faster and more accurate data capture means customers and constituents receive better service.

  • Improve return on IT investments
    Adobe PDF can be embedded with content and data from key applications and enhanced with calculations and validations to create powerful intelligent documents and forms. By offering an avenue for returning captured data to key applications via SOAP-based interfaces, LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES further leverages existing investments in critical applications and processes.

  • Help ensure compliance
    With its ability to retain the visual format of original paper documents, Adobe PDF allows regulated industries and government agencies to conduct business using electronic documents, while ensuring that all forms, contracts, and documents meet strict regulatory guidelines.

  • Streamline storage and retrieval
    Adobe PDF allows for easy and low-cost indexing, archiving, and retrieval of important documents, including new data provided by respondents.

  • Deliver competitive advantage
    Your organization can ensure that product and service designs efficiently and accurately incorporate input from all key parties, even vendors and customers, to speed time to market and optimise quality.


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PDF, Flash® and Workflow technologies combine to engage customers, constituents, partners, and employees in efficient automated eForms and eDocument processes.

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“It was a pleasure working with the team at xDox. Not only did they meet our requirements in full, but communication was refreshingly clear and concise and the solution was provided on time and within budget. The end product has been extremely well received by colleagues and clients alike; I’d have no hesitation in working with xDox again.”
Jim Heath, Green Passport Product Manager, Marine Consultancy Services, Lloyd's Register EMEA

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