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Why PDF eForms:
PDF is an Open Standard, not a proprietary file format. PDF's strict enforcement of security is trusted by firewalls and corporate systems worldwide ensuring your forms will be accessible. Above all your customers or users can fill, verify, submit and save their forms using the Free Adobe Reader which is installed on over 97% of all computers worldwide.

What are AcroForms:
AcroForms are the original PDF eForms technology first released with Adobe® Acrobat 3.0.1 in 1996. This makes eForms developed using AcroForm backward compatible with anyone using Acrobat or Free Reader V3.0.1 or later, and on Macs and Linux devices - not just Windows PCs or users of Microsoft Office. AcroForms are also supported by the many 3rd party PDF viewer and PDF form creation applications.

Using our xForm-Server© solution you can receive and process AcroForms from the free Adobe Reader - without needing Adobe Reader Extensions licenses.

What Can AcroForms Do:

  • Work on all platforms - PDF AcroForms are Windows, Mac & Linux compatible.
  • Contain rich text and graphic content.
  • Use colour to highlight fields and or sections.
  • Be completed using the Free Adobe Reader V3.0.1+ installed on over 97% of all computers. No proprietary, or purchased, software required to fill and submit the form data**. In addition to Adobe® Reader there are many 3rd party AcroForm PDF 'filler' applications.
  • Create dual purpose eForms and Print forms which can be fully completed electronically, or printed and hand written; or partially completed electronically then printed out for further completion or ink signature.
  • Extensive range of field types including:
    • Text fields,
      Numeric fields,
      Radio Buttons,
      Static Lists,
      Digital Signatures,
      Action Buttons.
  • Validate user input using:
    • Patterns,
      Comparison with other field(s),
      Date formats,
      Required or Optional fields,
      Database look-ups,
      Web Services.
  • Automate calculations of:
    • Values, totals, averages, etc,
      String concatenation,
      Date formulas,
      Financial formulas,
      Scientific formulas,
      Engineering formulas.
  • Merge data from databases, web services, companion XML files.
  • Export user entered data to XML, FDF or any database format with ODBC of JDBC connectors **.
  • Distribute your forms by eMail, download or physical media.
  • Can be filled in both on-line and off-line.
  • Can be saved either completely or partially completed **.
  • Lock forms input fields to prevent post submission data changes.
  • Add digital signatures to encrypt and certify completed forms.
  • Display or hide content which is screen only or print only, eg. buttons which show on screen but don't print, or watermarks that print but don't show on-screen.
  • Protect your IPR by setting PDF permissions to prevent changes to the form layout or copying of template content.
  • Extract data from returned AcroForms using Adobe or 3rd party FDF/XML data parsers.
  • Convert completed AcroForms to PDF/A format for long term archiving while retaining searchability of forms content.

    ** Requires AcroForm to be Adobe® Reader Extensions licensed.

What PDF AcroForms Can Not Do:
'Morph' or change their layout dynamically. AcroForms use a static form template, the text and form fields are in fixed locations which means that the layout can not be changed. Fields can not expand or contract in size, although if the user's entered content that exceeds the size of the field the text will scroll so nothing is lost. Extra fields and sections can not be added by the users to extend the number of responses.

For information on Dynamic PDF eForms Click Here



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PDF, Flash® and Workflow technologies combine to engage customers, constituents, partners, and employees in efficient automated eForms and eDocument processes.

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