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xFormServer makes getting the information back from your PDF forms fast, easy and economical.

Just design your form, add the invisible xFS key fields and visible submit button, your users will then be able to submit their information back to you using the Free Adobe Reader - without you having to buy Adobe Reader Extensions licenses.

Your users will instantly get back a Reader compatible secure, encrypted, readonly copy of their completed forms; either as a file download, or as an eMail attachment, or both; you decide when you design your forms how you want the completed forms delivered back to your users.

The xFormServer will save the submitted forms as read-only PDF files; and the forms' data either as XML data files, or automatically convert each submission into a SQL database record. You choose which data format you want by adding the appropriate xFS submit button to your form when you design it. A copy of the completed PDF form will be saved in your secure FTP xFormServer forms folder.

Your forms do not need to be Reader Extended. You do not need to setup any web services or database connections and tables.xFS does it all automatically.You can concentrate on managing the returned forms and your data extracted from them.

xFS is compatible with the new LiveCycle Designer Dynamic PDF forms, as well as the traditional Acrobat PDF AcroForms. We supply you with the xFS fields and buttons for both types of forms to simply copy & paste into your own forms.

It can even create complex relational data tables from forms containing repeating sections, or multi-row tables. No SQL database creation knowledge is required for you to benefit from xFS's efficient and intelligent data capture features.

When you have completed your form simply upload it to your secure SSL FTP xFormServer templates folder. The xFS server then automatically creates either the FTP folder for your forms' XML files, or the SQL table(s) to receive the data from your form.

You can download your completed forms via secure SSL FTP from the xFS server - even set up a FTP schedule to download them automatically every hour or day.

You can download your data to process it locally, or you can connect Excel, Access, Crystal reports etc directly to the data in your xFS forms folders or database.

You can publish your forms on your web site and have them completed on-line. Or distribute them by eMail and let your users complete them off-line, then submit their information to your xFS server when convenient. Either way all the form processing, data extraction, saving and supplying a reader compatible copy of the forms is all done by the xFS server.

Chose the xFS solution to suit your needs:

  • Fully Hosted: We host the xFS, FTP and SQL Database servers on our dedicated SSL server and provide you with secure remote access to your submitted forms, data files and your own SQL database. You pay a subscription per form we host, or buy a number of form submissions that match the number forms you will receive data from.
  • Semi Hosted: We host the xFS Server, but write the FTP completed form files and SQL data to your own FTP Server and SQL Server database. You then have direct 'local' access to your user submitted forms, data files or database form tables. You pay a subscription per form we host, or buy a number of form submissions that match the number forms you will receive data from.
  • Non Hosted: Buy the xFS application suite and run it on your own server and save the completed form files to local server folders, and the form data to your own databases. The xFS Server is a platform independent JAVA and PHP application which is easy to install and maintain. xFS Server can process over 1 million form submissions per day on a single standard server - so you don't need to worry about capacity or scalablity.


Try xFormServer using a Dynamic LiveCycle PDF demonstration form

Try xFormServer using a traditional AcroForm PDF demonstration form

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“It was a pleasure working with the team at xDox. Not only did they meet our requirements in full, but communication was refreshingly clear and concise and the solution was provided on time and within budget. The end product has been extremely well received by colleagues and clients alike; I’d have no hesitation in working with xDox again.”
Jim Heath, Green Passport Product Manager, Marine Consultancy Services, Lloyd's Register EMEA

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